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Caroli Classic Italian EVoo. Cold Pressed.


The ”Classic” extra-virgin olive oil, a typical Apulian product,is characterized by a yellow gold colour, a light fruity and round taste. The “Classic” of the “ANTICA MASSERIA CAROLI” links with every taste and it is suitable for the preparation of raw and cooked dishes. Free acidity: not higher than 0.40 percent at bottling.

Produced in Puglia, wonderful region of Italy, this is a medium, delicate and fruity flavored extra virgin. Excellent for raw consumption and for cooking with vegetables, fish or meat.

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Olives Variety

Mixed cultivar of Apulia (Ogliarola, Nociara, Olivastra of Martina Franca, Coratina and other types in smaller quantities)

Olives Origin

Valle d’Itria and the neighbouring areas of Apulia, ITALY


October and November, Hand picking or by nets and shakers


At cold by centrifugal, ecological decanter at two strokes without addition of water


Controlled at 23 - 27 °C


Golden with greenish scents


Medium fruity and round taste, slightly spicy

Best with

Preparation of sauces, soups, pasta and risotti, vegetables, tomato salads


Characteristics as Reg. 2568/91 and following modification and integrations

  • Free acidity: not more than 0,40 degrees at bottling
  • Peroxide (meq/02/kg), max 12


The oil, being lacking of water, nitrogenous substances and other growth factors, doesn’t represent a substratum for the development of microorganism pathogens or toxigenic for man


The product must be kept in a dry place, shelter out light and heat sources


18 Months since packaging date

The “Antica Masseria Caroli” is located in Martina Franca, within the Province of Taranto, in the hills at an altitude of 420mt. It is one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial success in the rich Apulian vegetable oil world.
Stefano Caroli, owner of the company, was just 23 when in 1976 founded his company along with his family and his staff. Thanks to the experience of three generations and a careful selection of the best olives, Antica Masseria Caroli produces now a wide range of high quality extra virgin olive oils. Stefano selects the best olives, as well as the olive trees in "Monte Trazzonara" and "Pezze Mammarelle" and even olives from different farms and estates.
The Martina Franca farms are beautiful and impressive as much as the extraordinary historical center of the city. They are a maze of narrow streets plazas and squares, and are an important center of Baroque art, with exquisite palaces and ancient churches. Martina Franca is also the center of an agricultural and economic system where almost everything revolves around the work of the farms.
Respect for nature is Stefano Carol's main goal for organic and non-organic production. This choice pays in terms of olive oil quality and quantity that is affected by climate changes and insect attacks, which cannot be rejected with chemical pesticides, fertilizers or pesticides.

The many honors and awards, national and international, obtained by the “Caroli” extra virgin olive oil during the competitions are, as told by the same Stefano Caroli, "not only a source of growth and comfort, but also a business card to our stakeholders that have an immediate view of the company and its transparency."
Research, tradition and innovation are the three canons of Stefano Caroli, through which he can carry on his great aspiration of "making a high quality product by using the best of my abilities."

-Stefano Caroli


Award Name Year
6a Rassegna Nazionale Oli Monovarietali-Campionato Nazionale Di Potatura Dell'Olivo 2009
18 Concorso Nazional Oli Extra Vergini Di oliva 2009
Guida Agli Oli Extravergine di oliva di puglia 2009
Premio Nazionale 2010-1 Premio 1 concorso degli Extravergini di Oliva Italiani di Eccellenza 2010
Selected as one of the best 250 Olive Oils Worldwide Der Feinschmecker-Das Internationale Gourmet-Journal 2010
Selected as one of the best 200 Olive Oils Worldwide Der Feinschmecker-Das Internationale Gourmet-Journal 2011
Menzione d'Onore Montiferru Duemilaundici 2011
1 Premio L'oro del Salento-6 Concorso degli Oli Extravergini di Oliva-Le Gocce d'Oro 2011
Selected as one of the best 200 Olive Oils Worldwide Der Feinschmecker-Das Internationale Gourmet-Journal 2012
Premio Nazionale 2013-Attestato di Qualita 4 Concorso degli Oli Extravergini di Oliva Italiani 2013
1 Premio-fruttato intenso-blend 9 Concorso Degli Oli Extravergini Di Oliva-Le Gocce D'Oro 2014
L'Orciolo D' Oro-Distinzione 23 Concorso Nazionale Oli Extravergini Di Oliva 2014
24 Concorso Nazionale Oli Extravergini Di Oliva 2015
Premio Nazionale 2015-Attestato di Qualita L'oro de Italia-6 Concorso degli Oli Extravergini di Oliva Italiani 2015





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